Manage your business Online

"Atis business provide you full set of features for managing your business online, access to your business information from anywhere in the world at any time"

Manage Your Business Well - Fully Online

Atis business provide you full set of features for managing your business online, you can have access to your business statistics from anywhere in the world at any time from any device from Laptop, Tab, Mobile phone via the Internet.

The Atis-Business will keep all details of sales and purchasing, Stocks, Customers, Suppliers, Income /Expenses and all activities of the company as well as handle the operations user wise with the help of security and user control. Atis-Business proposes many new facilities aim at providing better service to your customers and a better working environment for your company management activities.

With Atis Project You will be,

  • Accurate and updated information about your financial activities at your fingertips
  • Able to know how much profit you are making
  • What is your cash flow
  • How much money you are to receive and from whom
  • How much money you owe and who are they
  • What is your stock position
  • Employees usage statistics of the system
  • User-friendly and Well-designed Interface for easy use

With the Atis-Business is you will be having access to all these facilities Online at any time for Management decision making

Features in detail

Full overview of the summery about business statistics , fully customizable front shortcuts (daily summery of, invoices, sales summery chart for 7 days, sales for last 6 months, profit, expenses, no of customers products).
Branches handling
Product Transfer between branches, manage all operations and view all statistics /reports branch wise.
Add, edit, delete & View purchases (GRN), products transfer, product price adjustments, sales reps management, suppliers, supplier payments, GRN wise price & stock handling.
Higher purchasing
Installment Calculations, Month wise Interest calculation Recurring Invoices, Higher purchase invoice, customer credit expire alerts,
Mange Repairs
Repair/job notes, serial wise product statistics, repair status handling, invoice creating for jobs
Create quotations, Transfer quotation to Invoice, Email quotations
Security & Control
User Management, user rights, backups, user logs, user wise feature assignment, user task approvals
Responsive Design
You can get access to system from any device your Laptop, Tab, Smartphone etc.
Products buy/sell & Repair
Manage products with categories, add, edit, delete & view products, print barcodes & labels, reorder levels, product wise commission management, also managing of Repair products.
Cash Invoice, Credit Invoices, Service Invoice, Sales Rep Invoice, custom invoice conditions, customer returns, GRN wise product sales, warranty cards e-copy handling, Credit invoice early settlements
Cash/Credit Customers
Add/edit/delete/view customers, manage guarantees, customer credit limits, sales rep wise customer handling, keep details of customer photos and ID cart images,
Credit Customer handling, product wise & Invoice wise
Cash Book
Daily Income, Expenses, Cheque Payments, Banks handling
Invoice Report, Product Report, Bin-card, Re-order items, GRN Report, Supplier Reports, Supplier Payment Report, Stock allocation to Sales Reps, Product Transfer Report, Customer Report, Credit Customer Report, Cash Book, Expenses Report, User wise commission report.
Online Support
Venus IT provide Continues Support for the product for your

The Atis-Business is a fully customizable system and VENUS IT Pvt Ltd always welcomes your further requirements except above features.


We are always ready to take any challenge, So give your Problem to us, we will provide you the solution which will best fit and match to you.